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Design has the amazing quality that it is not only a means of visual communication but, used in the correct way, it can shock, stun and captivate. On this site you will find my efforts to apply design to every possible area I can think of; from gorgeous websites and eye catching murals to visual learning and interactive multimedia.

Mark McGall (that's me in 3rd person) is primarily a web designer/developer based in Belfast. While you are here, have a look around!

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    I build rather aesthetically pleasing websites that can be tailored to your needs. My sites are made from the finest standards complient HTML and CSS.

    Letters are my secret passion. It may come as no suprise that I enjoy branding. A good brand sets a company or organisation apart and brings it to life. My branding wont let you down.

    Belfast is renowned for its murals and outdoor artwork. I bring my own experience in design and apply it outdoors. From community projects to branding shutters, if you want something on an interior or exterior surface, I'm your man.